The founders of Heyco B.V. are the Enkhuizen-based L. Kok International Seafood B.V. and W.G. Den Heijer & Zn. B.V. from Scheveningen. In 2007 these companies joined their forces in Heyco B.V.

L. Kok International Seafood B.V.
L. Kok International Seafood B.V., founded by Mr. Lau Kok, has been present in the shrimp sector since 1989. Mr Lau Kok followed his father Mr Thoom Kok who was active in the shrimp business since the 1930s. In August 2005, after sixteen years of being located in Volendam, L. Kok International Seafood B.V. moved to a factory premises of 6.000m2 in Enkhuizen.

W.G. Den Heijer & Zn. B.V.
Since the company was founded in 1946, it has grown from a small business operation working on the premises measuring only 80m2 into an enterprise with 50 employees, premises of 7.100m2 and the latest equipment. From its start Den Heijer specialises in an unusually wide range of shrimp and fish species, harvested from seas and rivers all over the world. The company has modern cooling and freezing storage facilities, that contribute to the quality of Den Heijer products. Streamlined stock management enables almost every order to be supplied immediately.

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